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About Sakthi Tally

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Sakthi Business Services and Education provides Business Services to Small and Medium and Large Enterprises to bridge their Accounts and Tax needs with the help of Evergreen Accounting Software Tally.ERP9. The Business Houses can meet their Tally Support Needs here. Also, they can partner with us to meet their Accountant Recruitment Needs. The corporate training provided will elevate the expertise of the Accounts Team working at Business Houses. Finally, the Sakthi Tally Academy provides JOB ORIENTED EDUCATION to bridge the employability GAP of an Undergraduate and helps them to

GET Certified, Recognised and Employed as an ACCOUNTANT.

About the Founder

B.Vishnupriya Rajkumar, started 'SAKTHI TALLY' in 2019. She is a Post Graduate in Finance with 20 years of hand-on experience on ACCOUNTS and FINANCE and worked in TALLY ECOSYSTEM since 2001.

Started 'SAKTHI TALLY' to enable the Business Houses with all needed support for Tally.ERP9 and GST. SAKTHI TALLY will also provide best and industry preferred training to the young graduates and building them as an Employable Accountant and sending them to the Business Houses.

Our Vision

Sakthi Tally Academy must be most reachable Tally HUB for all Students and Business Houses across Chennai. This Tally HUB has to satisfy all their Tally Support and Accountant Training and Recruitment needs.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To enable the Business Houses with all needed support for Tally.ERP9 and GST. Also, to provide the Best and Quality Industry preferred Training and to ensure the candidate gets the Best Placement Support.

Job guaranteed programs in Tally

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