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Tally Certifications

Four types of certification are diligently designed to meet the Industry requirements

The candidates who already have Tally Knowledge can appear for the below mentioned Assessments (Online Exams) and receive Tally Certification from the CREATORS of TALLY.

SAKTHI TALLY is an authorised Tally Assessment and Training Center. So you can register with us to appear for the Tally Certification Exams.

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  • Fundamentals of Accounting

  • Inventory Management

  • Receivables and Payables Management

  • Generating MIS Reports

  • Maintaining GST compliant records using Tally

  • Accounting of TDS other than salary

It is a basic level certification and certifies a candidate's skill on Computerized Accounting and Tally. This certification assists candidates to become job-ready and opens up multiple career options.


Certification Covers

  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Inventory Management

  • Accounting day to day transactions

  • Receivables and Payables Management

  • Banking and Payments

  • Storage and Classifications of Inventory

  • Administration of Complete Order Processing Cycle

  • Statutory and Taxation (GST and TDS)

  • Data Management

It is an advanced level certification for candidates aspiring for growth in their careers. It certifies candidates to have a better understanding of advanced accounting concepts
through Tally.


Certification Covers

  • Principles of Accounting

  • Inventory management

  • Accounting day to day transactions

  • Receivables and Payables Management

  • Banking and Payments

  • Order Processing

  • Allocating and Tracking of Expenses and Incomes

  • Statutory and Taxation (GST and TDS)

  • Payroll Administration

  • Data Management and Technical aspects

It is a comprehensive level certification, a candidate with this certificate will be recognized as being proficient in the principles of accounting through Tally and is recommended for candidates who aspire to build a successful career in Finance and Accounts or as an entrepreneur.


Certification Covers

  • Introduction to GST

  • Getting Started with GST (Goods)

  • Getting started with GST (Services)

  • Recording Advanced and Adjustment Entries

  • E-Way bill

  • Generating GST Reports

  • Filing of error free returns

It is an advanced level certification for candidates to enhance their knowledge on theory and practice of GST. It aids candidates master the concepts of Goods & Services Tax (GST) and maintain GST compliant records using Tally.

GST using Tally

Certification Covers

Why Tally Certification from

Tally Education Private Limited?

  1.  Multiple Career Opportunities

  2. Career Progression and Management

  3. Access to Tally Job Portal

  4. Verifiable Digital Certificate

  5. Industry Preferred Certificate

  6. Online Assessment

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